Generic Direct Hot Water Boiler Heating Wood Burner Solar Hot Water Miscellaneous  
General Assembly
Isolators, Cold feed and assembly 'glue'
Temperature Dials
The fitting of flow, return temperature dials
Thermal Store Schematic
Schematic diagram of a thermal store cylinder with common heat inputs and outputs attached.
Wiring Installation Instruction
Wiring installation instructions that will be required by your on-site electrician
TMS Customer Experience
A detailed testimonial provided by one of our very satisfied customers.
Twin Poly F&E header tank kit
Installation guide
Mains Coil Single Mixer Kit
Installation guide for an internal mains coil with single mixer.
PHE Plate Heat Exchanger
Installation guide for DHW Plate Heat Exchanger
Mains Coil Twin Mixer Kit.
Assembly Guide - For an internal mains coil with twin mixer blenders.
DHW MainsCoil TwinMixer Schematic
Schematic Guide - DHW Internal mains coil with external twin mixer blenders
Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger
Detailed description and technical specifications
Flow Switch
Manufacturers data sheet for the PHE flow switch
Stainless Steel PHE dimensions
Technical drawing to give stainless steel PHE dimenions
Stainless Steel PHE Pressure drop
Chart to illustrate the pressure drop across the PHE plate heat exchanger at various flow rates
Picture DHW twin mixer
Picture to illustrate the twin DHW mixer setup. (2nd flow temp dial not fitted) Allow for drain at bottom and remote isolator
Boiler Controls Pack
Installation guide to the boiler controls pack
Boiler Blender Kit 2017
Installation guide for the boiler blender kit - 2017 version
Testing Sequence
Testing sequence for the boiler box/ cylinder thermostats
Wiring Center Internals
Wiring schematic to show how the relays and connections are configured behind the circuit board
Boiler Blender Picture
Picture to show the Boiler Blender component layout
Wiring Center Connection Label
Connection label as fitted to the backside of boiler controls box lid
Heating Kit 2017
Radiator and or Underfloor Heating kits 2016 onwards
Under Overheat Stats
Wiring diagram and instruction for STO overheat thermostat MTS Minimum temperature stats - not needed if you have a boiler
Smart Pump
Data sheet for Radiator and UfH Class 'A' Smart Pumps
Smart Pump
Consumer guide for Radiator and UfH Class 'A' Smart Pumps
Quench Kit
Wood Pump & Mixer Kit
Guide to the installation of the wood burner pump and mixer kit
External Quench Cooler
Wood Pump Mixer Picture closeup including flow direction
Thermal Relief Quench Valve
External Quench Installed
Picture of External Quench unit installed - but not showing the pumped takeoffs to the thermal store
External Quench Cooler
Schematic to show how to various layout options
Wood Mixer Picture
Wood Pump Mixer Picture closeup including flow direction
Quench Discarge
Schematic to show G3 regulations relating to unvented/ pressurised cylinders - suggested as good practice
58 Pro Evac Tube Installation Guide 2015a
Note that mounting for slate is the same ie fit up inside the vertical rails - but brackets are straight and the included clamps not needed
Solar Thermal Kit - Direct.
Installation guide for solar thermal pump kit - Direct systems only
Varisol Installation
Installation manual from Kingspan for the Varisol HPipe evacuated tube
Pump Controller Settings
Flashing Slates
Picture and info about roof/ pipe flashings for solar thermal
Resol DeltaSol SLL
Pump controller settings, manufacturers data sheet for the SLL solar (and wood) pump controller
Resol BS+ and BarillaC+
ResolBS+ instalation manual - Same as BarillaC+ From
58 Pro Evac Tube Installation Guide Pre 2015
Pro 58 installation guide/ pictures pre 2015
Heat Leak Kit
Stainless TMS install guide
Quick guide to the stainless tubing cutting, fittings.
Stainless Flex Installation Guide
Stainless Flex Pressure Drop
Stainless Flex Pipe Fitting
Illustrated guide
Stainless Example Coils
A few misc pictures illustrating the potential use of stainless hose for heat exchange coils
TMS Smart Pumps
Antares Smart Pumps - See shop for more downloads
Quench Cooling-See Wood
See wood section for quench cooling items
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