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Please feel free to ask any heating related question including solar, wood, Aga, heatpump, underfloor radiant heating, heatpump, silage, PV, wind, well water pumps, swimming pools, hot tubs, insulation, plumbing layout, etc etc
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Our technical engineer installed 100 social housing units in 1999, the largest domestic solar project in the UK. As a result was then involved in the DTi BRE publications GIR88 and "Solar Installation Guide for Professionals" The cylinders supplied formed the basis of BS5918 and the current RHI solar cylinder requirements.
With over 26 years hands on experience in renewable's from a 3 tonne solar system to the Welsh assembly government building, The Centre for Alternative Tech, B&B's in France, remote wind powered homes and canal boats - there are very few scenarios for which we wouldn't have an efficient simple sensible solution.
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